Since Sirius Electric has been founded, it has been characterised by the way of designing and manufacturing sonotrodes. The sonotrodes can be fit to most of the ultrasonic welders on the market. Each sonotrode is manufactured taking in account all the typical welding features. The materials used, aluminium, titanium or hardened steel, are chosen with respect to cost and application. The sonotrode design is realized using computerized systems.

The manufacturing is normally carried out by numerically-controlled machines. All that made us reach important results regarding cost and quality. Before being supplied, each sonotrode will be checked with suitable instruments. During these tests we control the frequency and the amplitude of vibration. Frequently the design is previously discussed with the customer in order to achieve the best performance. This is the company’s policy as we are convinced that the best results can only be achieved thanks to a close collaboration between customer and supplier.

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