The USP APP ultrasonic welders are designed and manufactured in our Vigevano factory. The mechanical and electrical solutions assure that it operates under the best possible conditions with a full range of regulation options, thereby making it possible to adapt the welder to the widest range of welding situations. The total reliability of these ultrasonic generators also ensure a consistent welding process. The USP APP welders are available in three models:

  • With base
  • Bench type
  • Column type (possibility of incorporation on automatic lines)

The transducer holder head moves pneumatically on high-precision prismatic guides. The welder is equipped with a mechanical stop to control the welding height. There is also a wide range of generators to extend the user options: 20 and 36 kHz systems are available with power ratings of between 500 and 3000 Watts. These generators are latest generation and totally digital. They are equipped with a backlit display and come enclosed in an elegant metal cabinet. One of the  most important features of the welder is the cycle control system which is totally enabled from the TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY.


The ultrasonic generators of the DIGITAL SE-09 series feature a front panel with backlit display that shows all the programme information and instructions for use.
The new programming system and different functions selection is managed by a rotary selector switch with enter button.
This system makes selection extremely fast and easy. The panel includes Led indicators to provide additional control functions and a Test button  to start the ultrasonic function.

A last generation MICROPROCESSOR handles the cycle control with easy and immediate programming.
The front panel has a Touch Screen keyboard for selecting the following functions:

  • possibility of storing 50 welding programs
  • possibility of operating in constant, energy constant, welding height mode (with optical ruler)
  • centesimal time resolution
  • limit setting for welded piece quality control
  • welding parameter setting indicating number of pieces, number of sonotrodes, operating pressure, booster type
  • option to connect via USB port to download welding data.
  • piece counter with good / reject piece feature
  • Languages available Italian, English, French, German

Technical features

  • Overall dimensions 470x660x1200 mm
  • Worktop 450×600 mm
  • Sonotrode stroke 100 mm. max
  • Head descent cylinder 63 mm. dia.
  • Descent speed regulator
  • Worktop /sonotrode height 0 – 400 mm.
  • Optical ruler
  • Touch screen display
  • Proportional valve
  • USB port for downloading of welding data


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