The DIGITAL SE-22 ultrasound generators have been designed and built for the ultrasound welding of thermoplastic parts. This range of  generators is totally digital. They permit all the most important settings to be made and have all the typical features of state-of-the-art generators. The innovative programming system uses a rotating switch with a select and enter button, permits all the calibration operations to be undertaken from a single knob. Their simplicity of use, the functions available and their total reliability make these generators truly unique.

All the generators in the DIGITAL SE-22 range come complete with backlit display and they can be provided in an elegant metal cabinet, as a unit, in a metal box, or in open view board version.
Thanks to the compact dimensions and the modular assembly ease of the generators makes double row arrangement possible inside the cabinet.

The ultrasound generators of the DIGITAL SE-22 series feature a front panel with backlit display that shows all the programme information and instructions for use.
The new programming system and different functions selection is managed by a rotary selector switch with enter button.
This system makes selection extremely fast and easy. The panel includes Led indicators to provide additional control functions and a Test button  to start the ultrasound function.

The transducers supplied with the generators of the DIGITAL SE-22 series have been built using the most modern technology available.

The transducer body is made entirely of either titanium or aluminium. Thanks to this design the transducer produces a powerful vibration amplitude that is constant over time and offers an excellent yield value. These transducers are supplied with protective casing made of aluminium or stainless steel, with HF connector.

Technical features

  • Power 500-1000-2000-2500-3000 Watt
  • Frequency 20-30-36-40 kHz
  • Voltage 230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Overload circuit
  • Amplitude setting 50 – 100%
  • Time setting
  • Power setting
  • Quality control limit setting
  • Frequency control function
  • Piece counter function
  • CAN BUS Interface


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