The Ultrasonic welder mod. USP DYNAMIC represents an important evolution in the ultrasound welding of thermoplastic pieces. The mechanical and electrical solutions assure that it operates under the best possible conditions with a full range of regulation options, thereby making it possible to adapt the welder to the widest range of welding situations.

The  transducer holder head movement is due by  BRUSHLEES MOTOR, with very precise and repetitive adjustments, avoiding the typical approximation of pneumatic systems. Possibility to set up different speeds and depth during the welding process, the welding  cycle results to be very fast and absolutely precise.

There is also a wide range of generators to extend the user options: 20 and 36 kHz systems are available with power ratings of between 500 and 3000 Watts. These generators are latest generation and totally digital. They are equipped with a backlit display and come enclosed in an elegant metal cabinet. One of the most important features of this welding machine, is certainly the cycle control system managed completely by TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY.


The ultrasonic generators of the DIGITAL SE-09 series feature a front panel with backlit display that shows all the programmed information and instructions for use.
The new programming system and different functions selection is managed by a rotary selector switch with enter button.
This system makes selection extremely fast and easy. The panel includes LED indicators to provide additional control functions and a Test button  to start the ultrasonic function.

A last generation MICROPROCESSOR handles the cycle control with easy and immediate programming.
The front panel has a 10” Touch Screen display for selecting the following functions:

  • Possibility to work with the following methods: time-depth-energy-power mode with possibility to manage in single way, mixed way or sequential way.
  • Possibility to set up the vibrating time with centesimal resolution.
  • Possibility to set up the vibrating energy.
  • Possibility to set up the vibrating power.
  • Possibility to set up speeds and depths of welding cycle.
  • Amplitude regulation from 50 -100 % of generator.
  • Counter piece with display good pieces/scrap pieces
  • Ability to set the welding parameters with indication of sonotrode no., working pressure, Part #, kind of booster
  • USB connection port for transferring the welding data on external acquisition sytems
  • Counter piece with display good pieces/scap pieces
  • Languages available Italian, English, French, German
  • Ability to store 20 different programs

Technical features

  • Supply voltage: 230 V – 50/60 Hz
  • Max absorption: 12 A
  • Generator power: between 500 to 3000 Watts
  • Frequency: 36-20 KHz
  • Dimensions working table: 450 x 600 mm
  • Maximum press dimensions: 470x660x1200 mm
  • Worktop /sonotrode height: 0 – 400 mm
  • Sonotrode stroke: 100 mm max
  • Brushless motor – Servo Drive: 0,4 KW
  • Rated torque: 1,3 Nm max


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