The USP ROTOR ultrasound welders are designed and manufactured by Sirius Electric. The welding cycle is speeded up thanks to the use of electromechanical multi-step rotary tables. The production cycle is further accelerated by the incorporation of an automatic ejection system. These ultrasound welders are produced taking into account the specific customer’s needs.
The loading of the pieces usually occurs manually, although it is possible to use automatic loading systems. The  USP ROTOR ultrasound welders can be fitted with ultrasound generators with variable power ratings of between 500 and 3000 Watt 20 or 36 kHz.

The choice of generator is made according to the type of part to be welded. These ultrasound welders are equipped with microprocessor cycle control. These machines have tubular anodized aluminum safety guards and transparent polycarbonate panels; the working area access doors are fitted with safety micro switches. On customer’s request, the safety guards can be replaced with  soundproofing insulation.


The ultrasound generators of the DIGITAL SE-09 series feature a front panel with backlit display that shows all the programme information and instructions for use.
The new programming system and different functions selection is managed by a rotary selector switch with enter button.
This system makes selection extremely fast and easy. The panel includes Led indicators to provide additional control functions and a Test button  to start the ultrasound function.


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