Sirius Electric provides a range of pneumatic actuators that are particularly suited for automation systems and the construction of automatic lines. The slide motion is on high-precision prismatic guides. There is also a mechanical stop for cylinder stroke control. Various types of cylinder are available, selected according to the mechanical stroke and power.

The actuators are distinguished according to the power system used, 20 or 36 kHz. The compact dimensions, sliding precision, user ease, and affordable sales price are the main features of these accessories.

Technical features

20 KHz system:

  • Stroke 100mm
  • Cylinder  63mm (diameter)
  • SME Sensor
  • Overall dimensions 630x150x210 mm

36 KHz system:

  • Stroke 20 – 50 mm
  • Cylinder 32mm (diameter)
  • SME sensor
  • Overall dimensions 250x79x110 mm


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