SEW R-010

The SEW-R 010 ultrasound sewing machine has been designed and constructed using the most modern technology currently available (3D CAD,CNC).
This highly innovative sewing machine is suited to the welding of synthetic fabrics, as an alternative to traditional sewing with thread.
The sonotrode and the counterwheel revolve at the same speed. As a result, the welding process can be carried out smoothly. The speed can be adjusted in order to adapt the machine to the different fabric types.

The ultrasound generator used has a power rating of 500 Watt, with a frequency of 36 KHz.
All welding parameters are adjustable:

  • Feeding speed
  • Vibration amplitude
  • Thrust pressure
  • Welding height

Various welding geometry options are available through the simple replacement of the feeding wheel and counterwheel. This makes it possible to obtain imitation stitching in different patterns.


The ultrasound generators of the DIGITAL SE-09 series feature a front panel with backlit display that shows all the programme information and instructions for use.
The new programming system and different functions selection is managed by a rotary selector switch with enter button.
This system makes selection extremely fast and easy. The panel includes some Led indicators to provide additional control functions and a Test button  to start the ultrasound function.

The transport speed and the metre counter function can be regulated from the panel.

The rotary sonotrode is made of titanium.

Technical features

  • Feeding speed 3.5-20 m/min.
  • Power supply 230 V-50 Hz
  • Sonotrode pressure setting
  • Advance speed setting
  • Welding height setting
  • Double pedal start
  • Generator power 500 Watt
  • Frequency 36 KHz
  • Overload circuit
  • Amplitude setting 50 – 100%
  • Frequency control function
  • Overall dimensions 850x500x1050 mm.


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