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Sirius Electric at K fair trade in Dusseldorf

From October 19th to 26th, we will join K fair trade in Dusseldorf, the leading business platform for the plastics and rubber industry, together with our our German partner, mth Ultraschalltechnologie GmbH & Co. KG – which represents us and provide commercial support in Germany and Denmark. We will show our spin and vibration plastics welding technologies at Pav.11, Stand 08! K was first organised by Messe Düsseldorf in 1952 and is held every three years. The last K in 2019 recorded […]

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How to keep the ultrasonic welder efficient: tips and instructions

You just bought a new ultrasonic welder…What now? You just bought a full equiped ultrasonic welder. What should we do to keep it efficient in the long term? In order to avoid saying “If only I had known before…”, here are some tips and instructions for the correct use and maintenance of the ultrasonic welder tools. Vibration group The equipment of an ultrasonic welder is composed of the vibration group (which consists of a converter, a booster and a sonotrode) […]