In the context of industrial automation aimed at the market of assembly machinery, Sirius Electric, has studied and built a new pneumatic actuator for spin welders.
With this technology, most thermoplastic materials having a round shape can be welded.
In the spin welding technology, the heat needed to melt the parts is produced by a circular movement combined with thrust pressure. A part to weld is held in the fixturing, while the other part is put in motion by the rotary spindle. The assembly process is easy and based on easily understood, well-known principles of physics.
This actuator, very contained in size, is suitable for welding small size pieces, where the use of conventional systems is inconvenient because of size and elevated costs. The brushless motor that drives the rotary spindle is highly efficient.


This actuator also has a TOUCH SCREEN  microprocessor that controls the welding cycle.
The microprocessor has the following characteristics:

  • Possibility of storing 20 welding programmes
  • Possibility of processing in time or height mode (absolute – relative)
  • Possibility of regulating the welding time and height of with centesimal resolution
  • Possibility of regulating the welding pressure with proportional valve
  • Possibility of regulating the motor rpm
  • Possibility of setting the STOP angle
  • Limit settings for welded piece quality control
  • Good / reject piece counter
  • Welding data download onto USB port
  • Reject piece alarm relay
  • Languages available Italian, English, French, and German

Programming is easy and intuitive, with the option of setting up personalised menus and changing the language.

Technical features

  • Supply voltage 230 V – 50 Hz
  • Absorption 0.9 kVA
  • Motor power 400 W
  • Motor torque 1.3 Nm max.
  • Motor revolutions 6000 g/min max
  • Head descent cylinder 32 mm dia.
  • Stroke 50 mm max.
  • Overall dimensions 330x80x145 mm
  • Operating method: time – height
  • Angular control


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