The SWP 06 spin welder was designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies (3D CAD, CNC). With this technology, most thermoplastic materials having a round shape can be welded.
For spin welding technology, the heat needed to melt the parts is produced by a rotating motion combined with thrust pressure. One of the parts to be welded is held by a fixture, while the other one is set in motion by a rotating spindle. The assembly process is easy and based on easily understood, well-known principles of physics. Welding joints are simple and permit a high degree of design freedom. The tools that hold the pieces to be welded are also simple and can be made by the client. The mechanical and electric solutions available create optimal working conditions with ample adjustment possibilities, making the welder ideal for most welding applications.
The welder has a highly robust structure. The motor that drives the rotating spindle is the brushless type. The motion of the motor holder head is achieved with a pneumatic system run by a proportional valve and on high-precision prismatic guides.

One of the most important features of this welder is the cycle control system managed by MICROPROCESSOR.
It is possible to weld using the time function, and with the quota function. In this case, the welding quota is managed by optical ruler with centesimal resolution.
It is very important for the rotating spindle to stop in a precise angular position with minimum error. Using this feature, pieces with a geometric shape and reference angle can be welded. Different thrust pressures can be programmed for every cycle phase, head descent stroke, weld and cooling. The microprocessor can store 20 welding programmes.

Weld joints are essential for obtaining a proper weld. They can have different shapes according to the type of application and the tightness of the items. The melt material can be contained inside a collection channel. The size of the weld joint has to provide enough clearance for ensuring free rotary motion. During the design stage, it is a good idea to provide for the possibility that the parts can easily be held by the fixturing and by the rotary spindle.

This welder is equipped also with a TOUCH SCREEN microprocessor that controls the welding cycle.
The microprocessor has the following characteristics:

  • Possibility of storing 20 welding programmes
  • Possibility of processing in time or height mode (absolute – relative)
  • Possibility of regulating the welding time and height with centesimal resolution
  • Possibility of regulating the welding pressure with proportional valve
  • Possibility of regulating the motor rpm
  • Possibility of setting the STOP angle
  • Limit setting for welded piece quality control
  • Good / reject piece counter
  • Welding data download onto USB port
  • Reject piece alarm relay
  • Languages available Italian, English, French, and German

Programming is easy and intuitive, with the option of setting up personalized menus and changing the language.

Technical features

  • Supply voltage 400V 50Hz
  • Motor power 2 KW
  • Motor torque 3,8 Nm max.
  • Motor revolutions 6000 g/min. max
  • Absorption 4 A
  • Head descent cylinder 63 mm.
  • Stroke 100 mm. max
  • Thrust pressure 180 Kg. max.
  • Overall dimensions 600x500x1200 mm.
  • Worktop 600×500 mm.
  • Angular precision +- 1°


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