lama calda
Special Hot Plate Welder with Electric Axes

Special Hot Plate Welder with electric axes, featuring two stations that can also function independently, ideal for applications in automotive, heating, and filtration sectors. The system includes an Infrared preheating system for components before carrying out the hot welding. The preheating process is necessary for welding technical materials with substantial glass fillers, which would otherwise be challenging to weld.

Macchine saldatrici speciali

Parola chiave: personalizzazione.

Referred to as “special,” these machines are built, designed, and manufactured according to the specific requests of the customer. Customization arises from the ability to address specific welding challenges. In the preliminary phase, the assistance provided to the customer enables the definition of the design methods for the pieces to be welded, aiming to enhance weldability. The electronic development department can then adapt the ultrasonic generators and welding cycle control systems according to the specific requirements. Finally, the mechanical design and production department creates the special equipment: co-creation is therefore a process that allows us to develop new and increasingly innovative systems. Through continuous technical support – including remote assistance – the customer is assisted in case of malfunctions or improvements to the welding process.

Saldatrice a lama calda per saldatura materie plastiche - Sirius Electric