Siriusnonsiferma - Siriusnotstopping

The news circulating following the recently state of health emergency, worries but don’t stop us, in compliance with the health indications we inform you that Sirius Electric’s working life continues without interruption.

We have adopted all the required and necessary measures in terms of safety and hygiene to guarantee the health of our employees and to date, there are no particular problems.

Sirius Electric is not stopping, we move forward with the full awareness of the skills and professionalism of all our collaborators, who have always allowed us to achieve the goals set by overcoming the obstacles encountered every day.

Italy, a country of innovation and progress, culture, design, fashion, food, today most affected, DOES NOT STOP and are increasingly the manifestations of solidarity and willpower by people and companies, this is why we want to support our country, remaining 100% operational and carrying on the values ​​we believe in.

We will use technologies to communicate, to train, to keep in touch, we will continue with all strength to defeat this situation, we will go out stronger towards a better future.