Sirius Electric is a company specialized in the construction of welding machines for plastic materials. The company was founded in 1989 and our experience, gained over many years, has enabled us to achieve significant results and to become a reality known and appreciated.
Our professionalism and our competence, are demonstrated in a series of particularly reliable standard welding machines, completely designed and manufactured at our Vigevano headquarters.
Through our four technologies, ultrasound, vibration circular rotofrizione and hot plate, Sirius Electric is able to offer a wide range of application possibilities for the assembly of parts made of thermoplastic material. According to specific customer requirements, Sirius Electric is able to customize their products.

The construction of special equipment, is the meeting point between customer demand and our experience of builders. The mechanical and electronic design, is optimized to the best and the results achieved are positive with customer satisfaction.
Our elettonically development department  is able to customize the ultrasonic generators and the control cycle systems of our welders on specific customer’s request. In some cases, these customizations, lead us to the production of new and innovative systems.
Our design department and production engineering dept., are able to realize machineries and special equipments. In particular, the sonotrodes that  can be easily used on other ultrasonic welders of different brands.
Rotary table welders, equipped with monitoring systems and additional stations, integrate the different stages that occur normally manually, these machines are designed and built in close cooperation with the customer.


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