30th Anniversary - Sirius Electric

Behind every successful firm there is someone who has made a brave decision (Peter Druker)

“This is a special day for us, and we are pleased to celebrate and share this occasion with you.Today marks the 30th anniversary of Sirius Electric.

It’s been 30 years of targeted goals, choices and sometimes daring changes; 30 years of constant commitment but also great satisfaction.
This milestone is, however, just one step on the path we have committed to and we believe that the enthusiasm and persistency that motivated us right from the start and that allowed us to get this far, will allow us to reach many more of such goals.

30th anniversary is a significant milestone, which we consider not as a point of arrival but as a fundamental step in a story that is still all in the making”.

Ferraris Fusarini Mario Sirius Electric CEO.

Sirius Electric…with you we make perfect joints!