Special Ultrasonic Welder

Sirius Electric operates in the construction of welding machines for plastics with four technologies: ultrasound, circular vibration, rotation (SPIN) and hot plate. Our professionalism and competence are manifested in a series of particularly reliable standard welding machines, designed and built entirely in our headquarters in Vigevano. For many years, our manufacturing activity has been directed towards the construction of special machines. Upon specific customer request, we are able to design and manufacture highly customized machinery and equipment. In over thirty years of activity, our knowledge is important and we are able to provide solutions dedicated to solving specific welding problems. Our electronic development department, is able to customize ultrasound generators and cycle control systems of welding machines, according to request. In some cases, these customizations lead to the production of new and innovative systems. The assistance provided to the customer is also recognized. This is in the preliminary phase, with indications on how to draw the pieces to be welded and in the actual technical assistance in case of failure.
Our mechanical design and production department, is able to make special equipment. In particular, the sonotrodes that can be used safely on other ultrasonic welding machines of different brands.
Welding machines with rotary tables, complete with control systems and additional stations that integrate various phases that normally take place manually, are designed and built in close collaboration with the customer.

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