Since Sirius Electric has been founded, it has been characterised by the way of designing and manufacturing sonotrodes. The sonotrodes can be fit to most of the ultrasonic welders on the market. Each sonotrode is manufactured taking in account all the typical welding features. The materials used, aluminium, titanium or hardened steel, are chosen with respect to cost and application. The sonotrode design is realized using computerized systems.

Portable equipment, completely digital, for the measurement of the resonance frequency of vibrating systems in the ultrasonic welding technology of plastic materials.
Extremely precise and reliable, easy to use, connectable to all kind of converters, the SONOBOX allows to check periodically the functioning of the sonotrodes.
Different modes of operation are available, with a measurement field from 15 to 50 kHz.

This sound-proof cabinet, suitable to reduce the noise caused by ultrasonic welding machines, has the following characteristics:

  • Structure made with anodized aluminum profile 45x45 mm with shelf to hold the ultrasonic generator
  • Welder's supporting surface  in aluminum
  • Front door to access internal cabinet equipped by transparent mobile protection. The handling of this
    protection is pneumatic. The opening of the mobile protection is 400 mm.
  • Interior light for lighting the working area
  • Right and left side doors for access inside the cabinet and equipped with handles with lock
  • Inner lining made of foam based on melamine resin TECNOCELL FR
  • External walls in gray stratified laminate 4 mm. thickness
  • Electric panel and pneumatic system

The welding of thermoplastic materials by means of ultrasonic technology is based on the vibration transmitted to the parties to be welded and produced by a tool, called
sonotrode. These vibrations generate a high friction that turns into heat.
One of the most important parameters that characterize this technology is certainly the vibrations’ amplitude  produced by the sonotrode.
Each plastic material has its own specific amplitude. Through this tool, you can now measure very accurately the value of amplitude produced and consequently whether the vibrating tools are working properly.

The unwinder / rewinder group for polyethylene film is used for the protection of the workpiece during the welding.

This group could be applied, if the contact surface of the workpiece with the sonotrode tends to deteriorate, making the piece less esthetic.

The group consists of unwinding film roller and rewinder waste roller.

The system movement is pneumatic, with the possibility of step adjustment.

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