Standard hot plate welders

The BASIC hot plate welder is suitable for parts made of thermoplastic material. Designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies, the BASIC hot plate welder series is simple, reliable, solid, and comes at an affordable cost. This bench-type welder, unique of its kind, is used for welding small-medium sized parts, especially for smaller production runs, where the cost of tooling is a major consideration. All the movements are carried out on hardened and ground bars, with ball sleeves. The welder cycle is run by a microprocessor with Touch Screen keys to set the welding cycle. The temperature is regulated by a digital temperature controller.

The wide product range offered by SIRIUS ELECTRIC, a company specialized in the construction of welders for thermoplastic materials, includes the hot blade welding machine LINEAR series, which is well-known for being solid and reliable. Designed and manufactured using state-of–the-art technologies, it has an outstanding quality and a high capacity. The rapid and precise movements, basic requirements for hot blade thermoplastics welding, characterize this series.

Hot plate electric welder, suitable for parts made of thermoplastic material. Manufactured using state-of-the-art production technologies, the DYNAMIC hot plate welder series, is ideal for all applications where movement speed and precision, determine the quality of the weld.

Its distinctive features are straightforward design, reliability and sturdiness. This welder is equipped with brushless motors for the horizontal movement of the plate and the downward stroke of the upper piece holder mould.

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