Hot plate welding

Hot Plate Welders

The hot plate welding principle is simple and intuitive.
Thermoplastic materials are by their very nature heat sensitive. Using this technology material melting occurs as the result of direct contact with an heated plate whose temperature is controlled electronically. The pressure applied during the welding of thermoplastic materials is one of the essential parameters, as well as correct temperature setting which should be of between 250 e 350° C.
The two parts to be assembled are contained inside the relative fixturings and the hot plate welding cycle occurs automatically controlled by the settings of the heating and cooling times.
The mechanical movements of the machine must be fast, so that the heating and the melting of the weld joint, is sufficiently plastic for the interpenetration of the two parts to be welded.
The equipment is fitted with mechanical stops that determine the melting height and the packing height of the parts to be assembled.

Our hot plate welders make it  possible to weld even large pieces which need to be watertight.
Our hot plate welders offer particular scope in the assembly of parts mad using semi-crystalline thermoplastic materials such as polypropylene, especially in the electrical household good, houseware and automotive sectors.

La vendita di macchine saldatrici per materiali termoplastici nel settore saldatura a lama calda. Esempi applicativi.

Thermoplastic products manufactured with hot plate welding machines. Some application examples.

We offer two machine models in our hot plate welder range: hot plate welder mod. Basic and the hot plate welder mod. Linear.

The Basic version is easy to use and is good value for money. It is unique as it is bench machine.
The Linear, model is suited to the hot plate welding of medium and large size parts.
This machine can be fitted with a hydraulic unit, in order to achieve a particularly high thrust pressure between the two parts.
It is possible to provide special welders, suited to meeting specific industrial requirements.
Our customer assistance service directly handles the sales of spares for plastic material welders.


The Basic hot plate welder  
The Linear hot plate welder
Hot plate welding cycle:

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