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Sirius Electric is an Italian company with offices in Vigevano (Italy) and operating in the plastic welding sector for more than 25 years.
We manufacture and sell ultrasound welding machines, hot plate welders, vibration welders and spin welders. We use different welding techniques to resolve a variety of challenges related to the assembly of thermoplastic parts. Sirius Electric also designs and produces sonotrodes. In the design stage, we use top level simulation software systems to verify future operation.
We make all the parts for our machines in our new factory in Vigevano, as we take pride in Italian manufacturing, renowned for quality and service.
Sirius Electric is made up of a group of people with different fields of expertise. We have a sales division with our own sales staff, an administrative department, a mechanical and electronic engineering department, a machine assembly department and a mechanical production workshop. Our technical service completes the company structure.


Operating on the Italian market of thermoplastic part welding, Sirius Electric is known for its professional approach and the experience it has acquired in over 25 years’ experience in this sector. The technologies it handles include ultrasound welding, hot plate welding, vibration welding, and spin welding. These technologies are complementary, delivering solutions for the various challenges related to material type and piece geometry.


The team spirit: competitiveness comes from group strength
The corporate culture of Sirius Electric is founded on the spirit of a group of different people who interact and communicate with each other, making up a single team who pursue the same goals. We have always known that the company's success and development depend on cohesive efforts by the people involved.
Many things we do at Sirius Electric are therefore aimed at enhancing and improving our team spirit, which goes a long way to giving the company a clear and strong identity.

Human resources: the true capital of a company
You cannot have a company without people. Without commitment, correctness, care, and professionalism, machines and technology would be fruitless concepts. For this reason Sirius Electric rewards innovative qualities, the commitment and expertise of its employees and staff, and pursues paths of professional development for all levels and tasks, because every member of our staff is a resource that needs to be supported and valued.

Technical customer support: our best showcase 
This collaborative set-up has helped us to always achieve positive results, to the full satisfaction of our customers.
Sirius Electric is one of the few Italian companies operating in this sector which designs and manufactures machines and equipment for its customers in-house. Our laboratory, specially equipped with measuring instruments, is always available for technical evaluations before a commercial relationship is first established.

Research: evolution and continuity
Sirius Electric has, over the years, always excelled in avant-garde technological solutions for its welders.
This capacity for innovation derives from the consistent attention it pays to research, which derives from attentive and continual review of market demands, trends and needs.

Investment: the new headquarters
The purpose of constructing new headquarters is to create modern, functional and technically advanced facilities. Work spaces and environments are optimised so all activities can be carried out in the best way possible. The engineering department, laboratory and workshop are optimally linked with one another, and they make up the main area of the company.

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Sirius Electric S.r.l.
Via Mastronardi 6/b
27029 Vigevano (PV) Italy
Tel. +39 0381 32.56.10 - 31.25.22
Fax +39 0381 23.987
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