Why ultrasonic welding is important in the field of medical filters

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In a market requiring increasingly high-performance products, it is crucial to understand and anticipate the behaviour of these materials during the welding process. The use of ultrasounds for welding the medical filters to be incorporated into assisted breathing devices (artificial ventilation) offers significant benefits.

It is precisely in this field that the reliability of the ultrasound technology finds its utmost expression. The assembled parts must meet specific requirements and feature flawless quality.


Figure 1 Detail of the production process

Since medical filters often consist of several layers of different materials, in many cases they cannot be simply cut mechanically, because they tend to fray.
This is the reason why ultrasounds are used to simultaneously cut and weld the parts, making it possible to obtain a well-defined shape which cannot be opened along its perimeter.
In addition, this technology eliminates the need for conventional bonding systems, such as glues and solvents.

These filters usually feature a circular shape, with diameters varying according to the type of filter. The assembling operation is performed by a specially-shaped dinking die.

The presses designed specifically for this kind of demanding applications are developed and manufactured by Sirius Electric to ensure maximum stability and reliability. Alongside standard machines, the company can also study and build solutions customised according to the specific needs of the customer.


Figure 2 Ultrasonic press

The welding machine above, for example, features a motor-driven unit with a material unwinding control system, ensuring an absolutely consistent cut size.
In order to best preserve the sonotrode and the cutting blade, the machine is equipped with an electric control system which interrupts the vibration when the two parts touch.

If you want to know more about ultrasound welding, you might also be interested in Ultrasound welding: the pros and cons, Welding for life: let's find out how, Plastic and ultrasound welding: perfect union  and for more information contact Sirius Electric Srl (www.siriuselectric.it), leader in Italy in the production and sale of plastic welders and in the design and manufacture of sonotrodes.

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