saldatura a rotofrizione

(what is it, how it works, and when it applies)

Spin welding is the ideal method for strong joints and perfect sealing between thermoplastic parts with symmetrical rotation; therefore circular objects (for example: spheres, cylinders, frustrum of cones, disks, rings, and so on) which can spin freely


(metal-plastic joints)

Thermoplastic polymers often lack the mechanical strength necessary to assure the structural sturdiness of certain components. This is why many moulded products are strengthened with metal parts such as threaded inserts made of steel or brass.


(Everything you need to know about this topic)

In a market requiring increasingly high-performance products, it is crucial to understand and anticipate the behaviour of these materials during the welding process. The use of ultrasounds for welding the medical filters to be incorporated into assisted breathing devices (artificial ventilation) offers significant benefits.

giunti di saldatura

(The importance of weld joints in ultrasound welding)

One of the most critical aspects of ultrasound welding is undoubtedly the geometry of the surfaces to be assembled. To avoid certain problems that give rise to delays, production waste and poor quality welds, it is crucial to ensure that pieces to be welded are, indeed, conceived and developed to be ultrasound welded. It is therefore a good idea to design them in collaboration with people deeply acquainted with the use of ultrasound welding technology.

tecnologie a confronto

(Differences between the two welding technologies)

We often ask which technology we should use for thermoplastic welding, and we frequently find ourselves at odds over the choice of one or more welding techniques. Here we look at what distinguishes ultrasound welding from spin welding, briefly outlining the two technologies and highlighting their differences.

Sonotrodi di varie grandezze e dimensioni

A key role in ultrasound welding is played by the sonotrode. But what kind of “tool” is this exactly, and what is it used for?  Let's find out, step by step.

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