The ultrasonic welders USP-ROTOR series have been designed and manufactured by Sirius Electric. These ultrasonic welders are manufactured following customer’s needs. The using of  rotary tables with multiple positions, speeds up the welding cycle. An additional automatic ejection system can further accelerate the production cycle. Usually the load of parts to be welded is done manually. The USP-ROTOR ultrasonic welders are equipped with ultrasonic generators with power from 500 up to 3000 Watt and 20 or 36 kHz frequency.

The choice of the ultrasonic generator is carried out according to the type of pieces to be welded. The USP–ROTOR ultrasonic welders are equipped with a cycle control system run by a microprocessor.  These welding machines are equipped with safety guards made of tubular anodized aluminum and transparent polycarbonate panels. The working zone access doors are equipped with safety micro-switches. Safety guards may be replaced at customer's request, with sound-proofing protections.


The ultrasonic generators DIGITAL SE-09 series, have a front panel with a backlight display where are available all the programming and instructions to use information.
The new programming system and different functions selection, can be carried out by a confirmation and rotating selector switch.  This system allows fast and extremely easy selection. On the front panel there are others  indicators led that extend the control functions and a Test button for the ultrasonic start up is available also.


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