The hot plate welding machine is suitable for thermoplastic material welding. Designed and manufactured using state-of–the-art technologies, the hot plate welder BASIC 2014 series is simple, reliable, solid and with an advantageous price. This bench-type welder, unique in its kind, is used for welding of small/medium sized parts, especially for smaller productions, where the tools’ cost play an important role. All the movements are carried out on tempered and ground bars, with sleeves with re-circulating balls. The welder cycle system is run by a microprocessor with Touch Screen board to set the welding cycle. The temperature is controlled by a digital thermo regulator.

The hot plate welding machine model BASIC 2014, has a safety barrier that separates the heating zone, avoiding accidental contact by the operator. During the welding cycle this safety barrier is opened and closed automatically.
The hot plate welding machine model BASIC 2014 is provided with the preparation to the suction smoke connection. The user has the possibility to connect the welding machine to the general vacuum cleaning equipment.

Main  technical features:

  • Welder's dimensions: 700x1200x1150 mm.
  • Plate dimensions: 350x250 mm. max
  • Welder's weight: 90 Kg.
  • Power supply: 230V - 50 Hz
  • Absorbed power: 2-3 kW
  • Air consumption: 50 N/l minute
  • Thrust force  mould: 300 Kg (6 bar)
  • Cylinder mould down: diam. 80 mm.
  • Stroke upper mould: 250 mm. max
  • Stroke horizontal plate: 350 mm. max
  • Stroke vertical plate: 50 mm. max
  • Thermo regulator: digital
  • Predisposition for suction hood
  • Safety barrier protection plate


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