Last generation ultrasonic portable generator US 150 series.
It has been designed and manufactured for the welding and the assembling of small dimensions plastic pieces such as riveting, little insets insertion and welding of very small pieces.
This fully digital generator it is easy to use, it’s equipped with a backlight display and with a keyboard to enter the needed parameters.
It is possible to regulate the vibration amplitude and length.

Menus in different languages are available and can be easily personalized.
The transducer is contained into an anodized aluminium carter and it is equipped with a level switch to start the ultrasonic welding cycle.
The transducer weight and dimensions are extremely limited.
The US 150 easy of use, the full set of available functions and its low price, make this generator only one of its kind.

Main technical features:
• Power 150 Watt
• Frequency 36 - 39 KHz
• Supply voltage 230V 50 Hz
• Amplitude regulation 50 - 100%
• Time regulation
• Multi-languages menu
• Buzzer function ON - OFF
• CAN BUS Interface
• Dimensions 170x200x120 mm

The US 150 ultrasonic generator is available in different configurations. Of particular interest is the version Open Frame, this means without the metallic housing.
The generator is an electronic board with the possibility to be placed inside of an electric panel and the panel with display placed in an easy and accessible place. This version is used in the manufacture of special  machines with ultrasonic welding of smaller pieces.
The Open Frame version transducer is contained in a stainless steel carter and can be realized on  specific customers’ request.
For the communication with other control and management systems, the US 150 generator is furnished of Can communication port.
The 39Khz version may also have the option of vacuum circuit with power on the sonotrode. This allow to pick up small inserts to be welded. On the transducer the connector vacuum pipe is present.

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