Saldatrice Ultrasuoni USP-M

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The ultrasonic welders of the USP-M series have been designed and manufactured using the most updated CAD and CNC technologies. The mechanical and electrical solutions available allow optimum working conditions with extensive adjustment possibilities,  making this ultrasonic welder suitable for different welding applications. The proven reliability of ultrasonic generators assures a smooth welding process. The USP-M ultrasonic welders are available in three versions:

  • with base
  •  bench-type
  • column-type (possibility of integration into automatic lines)

The  transducer motion holder head is achieved with a pneumatic system on high-precision prismatic guides. The ultrasonic welder is equipped with a mechanical switch to control the actual welding position. A wide range of ultrasonic generators is available: systems with an operating frequency of 20 and 36 kHz, with power from 500 up to 3000 Watt. The ultrasonic generators are technically advanced and totally digital. They are equipped with a backlight display and come enclosed into an elegant metal frame. One of the most important features of this ultrasonic welder is the cycle control system, completely run by a MICROPROCESSOR.

Main technical features:
• Dimensions 470x660x1200 mm
• Working table 450x600 mm
• Sonotrode stroke 100 mm. max
• Cylinder head down 63 mm. diam.
• Pressure regulator
• Speed head down regulator
• Working table height/sonotrode 0 - 400 mm.
• Encoder optional

The ultrasonic generators DIGITAL SE-09 series, have a front panel with a backlight display where are available all the programming and instructions to use information.
The new programming system and different functions selection, can be carried out by a confirmation and rotating selector switch. This system allows fast and extremely easy selection. On the front panel there are others  indicators led that extend the control functions and a Test button for the ultrasonic start up is available also.

The ultrasonic welder is controlled by a last ultrasonic generator microprocessor MP1 system.
MP1 is contained into a metal frame and located on the welder side in an easy position. The Microprocessor panel has a backlight display and numeric programming keyboard with protective membrane. The following functions are available:

  • Possibility to weld either in constant time or in constant energy time or quota (quota with centesimal resolution linear encoder)
  • Possibility to set the vibration time with centesimal resolution
  • Possibility to set the vibration energy
  • Possibility to set a welding quality control with min and max limits
  • Counter piece with good/defective part notice
  • Programming editor function with setting of No. sonotrode, No. piece, booster version, working pressure, generator amplitude
  • Directlly connection to a RS232 serial interface printer to print welding program -  welding data print
  • Acustic signal defective part relè exit
  • Possibility to store 10 different welding programs